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Terms and conditions

TIJUANA TO LAX, CARLSBAD TO LAX AND DAMARIS EXPRESS INC (the carrier and owner and operator of the buses) Collectively referenced as the “Company”


The Company is not responsible for direct and/or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of flight, or any other bookings as a result of delays caused by events, we cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, perils of ground, weather conditions, or acts of public authorities with actual or apparent authority. THE ISSUING CARRIER WILL ONLY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORTATION ITS OWN LINES, in accordance with tariff regulations and limitations, and ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF OTHERS OCCURRING WITHIN OR OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES, except as imposed by law with respect to baggage. Seating aboard vehicles operated interstate or foreign commerce is without regard to race, color, creed or national origin. Every person holding a ticket sold by Company needs to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure to be able to check in.



Company expressly disclaims liability for any lost or damaged baggage and for any injuries caused by or resulting from shifting baggage. Passengers should keep important baggage, including any personal belongings, in their possession at all times. Company does not check bags and does not assume any responsibility for the safe and secure transport of bags over its routes. Baggage must comply with Company’s baggage allowances and restrictions. Certain articles are not accepted for carriage such as food and beverages. Passengers are responsible for properly tagging and identifying their baggage, including name and address. Passengers wishing to stow luggage in an under-bus baggage compartment do so at their own risk and may only place bags in such compartments with a Company staff member present. Passengers are responsible for picking up their baggage promptly upon arrival and for transferring their baggage from one bus to another during a transfer, as applicable. Passengers requiring special assistance with their baggage should speak with a staff member at the bus or a ticketing counter to make necessary arrangements. Any passenger checking baggage hereby agrees: NO claim to exceed $100 for all baggage associated to one ticket and no more than $50.00 on one-half fare ticket shall be made against the issuing Company; nor loss or damage to property covered by this and/or other baggage carried for the same passenger. A claim for damage of loss must be supported by a passenger’s transportation ticket purchased and used. ALL SALES ARE FINALS, NO REFUNDS APPLY. Company’s buses are independently operated by Damaris Express Inc. under permission from Otay- Tijuana Venture, L.L.C., McClellan-Palomar Airport and Los Angeles World Airports. Company is not affiliated with the CBX Terminal or Otay-Tijuana Venture, L.L.C., its affiliates or subsidiaries (‘OTV’). OTV will not be liable for any use of Tijuana to LAX, Carlsbad to LAX or any transaction between passengers and Company or Damaris Express Inc, its affiliates, contractors or agents. Company and its service providers are not liable for information that is inaccurate due to technical defects in software used on our websites, whether induced by their respective systems or by software provided by third parties.